Thermal Suite

Steam room

Allow the steam to open up the pores and relax the muscles, while 75% oxygen boosts the immune system, combats stress and eliminates the build-up of toxins.


Dry Herb Sauna

Bask in our Dry Heat Sauna, which is great for aiding detoxification and reviving tired muscles


Monsoon Shower

Refresh and revitalise after our steam room and sauna with our monsoon shower.


O2 Shower

The oxygenated showerhead provides an invigorating effect, creating a fizz on the skin.


Relaxation Suite Meditation Station

Enjoy the tranquillity of our Relaxation Suite, overlooking the golf course, while being taken on a journey to help calm the mind and still the spirit.


Heated Loungers

Enjoy the view over our beautiful golf course while reclining on heated loungers.





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