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Xavier Medas -PGA Advanced Professional

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My teaching philosophy: 

The ideal state of mind for action is confident, focused, and in the flow, with the body and mind synchronized in the present moment. Unconditional confidence takes a big perspective, independent of moment-to-moment results. The bigger the perspective we have, the better we can ride the inevitable ups and downs within a round, over several rounds, or even longer. We can handle difficulties with a sense of humour, knowing that these things come and go. Whatever we encounter, we can be fearless in the moment.

You play your best golf when you plan with your head, then play from your heart - Try thinking of every tee shot on a par-4 or par-5 hole as a layup shot. No matter what club you use, instead of just trying to hit it as far as you can, pick a spot on the fairway that's well within reach. This reduces the tendency to swing too hard and gives you a much better chance of hitting a good shot.

I believe in making the golf swing as simple as possible.  It is essential to build sound fundamentals and it is even more important to understand your own swing. I feel I have achieved a lot when my pupils know how to progress on their own.  I consider the mind to be as important as the mechanics of the swing.

Golf is a game for everyone, so I tailor each session considering the needs, abilities, and requirements of each pupil. I get the same satisfaction working with elite players as I do help beginner golfers hitting the ball with success.

L E A R N - P L A Y - E N J O Y - P E R F O R M

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Learn the game of Golf with Xavier Médas, PGA Advanced Professional & Director of Golf at Castle
Dargan Golf Resort, Co.Sligo.

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Resident PGA Advanced Professional Xavier Medas

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