Ripe by Roz Purcell

Icon Spa at Castle Dargan Resort and excited to announce that we are now an official stockist of the amazing Ripe Natural Body Scrub Range from Roz Purcell. 

"I constantly get asked about my beauty routines and in fact they have always been so minimal. Growing up my mother was very conscious of the products we used and she stressed the importance of taking care of our skin- we have been making sugar and salt scrubs from a very young age combined with all the foods we love so much! It’s important to take care of your body it’s the same one you’re going to have for the rest of your life - you’re both in it together - ripen well" - Rozanna Purcell, Creator of Ripe

Coffee Bean Scrub
The Coffee Bean body scrub from Ripe by Roz Purcell will tantalize your senses as you exfoliate your body smooth with natural goodness. The scrub is packed with Ethiopian 100% Arabica Ground Roasted Coffee and Sweet Almond which will nourish your skin. Sea salt crystals are perfect for stimulating circulation and Vitamin E will fight off dryness and fine lines.

Sugar Scrub
This lemon zest fresh sugar scrub from Ripe by Roz Purcell is precious for its high vitamin and mineral content. A combination of soft sugar granules and coarse sea salt crystals delivers the perfect texture to reveal fresher looking skin and stimulate circulation. Sweet Almond essence and Vitamin E will nourish the skin and fight off dryness and fine lines.

For more info or to get your hands on these amazing scrubs contact or call 071 911 8080.