“Castle Dargan reflects everything I love about the game. It is a club I am proud to be part of”
                                                                                              Darren Clarke, Designer, Member & Open Champion.

Castle Dargan Golf Resort is home to the Premier Parkland Golf Course in The North West of Ireland.

Making the most of the natural ebb and flow of the Sligo estates grounds, Darren has woven eighteen beautiful golf holes through majestic trees, natural lakes, burns and around the ancient stone walls and ruins which dominate this romantic landscape. Golf at Castle Dargan is available to members, residents and visitors alike and will appeal to golfers of all abilities while providing a new golfing experiece in the North West of Ireland.

Castle Dargan Golf Facilities - Co. Sligo
 18-Hole Golf Course Designed by Darren Clarke, Click here for Overview of Golf Course
 4 Hole Golf Academy, 4 Bay Driving Range(Opening Spring 2015), USGA Putting Green & Driving Nett.

Click below for detailed yardage   
HOLE 1     PAR 4 /4  Click here for overview
Distances in yards:    Blue:406    White:379    Green:370    Red:337
A good opportunity to start the round on a good note providing that the second shot is on the safe side of the hole.
Tip from the Pro
"Keep right or short of the bunkers off the tee to be safe. Your second shot will play longer with the incline and the 2 tier green"
HOLE 2, PAR 5 /5  Click here for overview 
Distance in yards:    Blue: 507    White: 452    Green: 444    Red: 423

The tee shot is all important as it may give you the chance to challenge the narrow entrance to this well protected green.
Tip from the Pro
"Short par 5 reachable in 2 when using the usual wind direction. Beware of the narrow approach to the green, well protected by large bunkers"
HOLE 3, PAR 3 /3  Click here for overview
Distance in yards:    Blue: 121    White: 171    Green: 171    Red: 113
A mystic atmosphere, beside Castle Dargan, will provide a pleasant relaxing feeling. Here, distance control matters where ever the pin is located.
Tip from the Pro
"Pitch hole with approximately 10% distance less with the elevated tee box. Beware of the wind on the day"
HOLE 4, PAR 4 /4  Click here for overview   
Distance in yards:    Blue: 383    White: 373    Green: 363    Red: 326
A large tree dictates a fade over the water off the tee which makes this hole very challenging.
 Full commitment and concentration will reward to a fairway and green in regulation.
Tip from the Pro
"Fade the ball around the tree off the tee to find the fairway & have enough club to clear the greenside bunker when going for your regulation"
HOLE 5, PAR 4 /4  Click here for overview   
Distance in yards:    Blue: 419    White: 414    Green: 406    Red: 314

Dog leg left which the prevailing wind may turn into a long par 4.
The right hand side of the hole is safer and will allow the second shot to be played from above the green.
Tip from the Pro
"Favour the right side of the fairway bunker off the tree. The 2nd shot often plays long so if you have a shot here, it is worth considering this hole an easy par 5"
HOLE 6, PAR 5 /5  Click here for overview   
Distance in yards:    Blue: 493    White: 474    Green: 465    Red: 421
The fairway encourages a draw which can kick off the hill and produce a tremendously long drive. The approach to the green from a downhill lie will make the carry over the water quite impressive. A tempting challenge and one of the few risk-reward situations players will encounter during the round.
Tip from the Pro
"1st Risk & reward hole. Place your drive right of the fairway bunker so your ball can make the most of the dogleg. The carry over the water may look impressive, but if the green is within reach, its worth taking a chance"
HOLE 7, PAR 3 /3  Click here for overview    
Distance in yards:    Blue: 176    White: 173    Green: 168    Red: 143
A narrow entrance to a long two level green, this hole is often played into the wind. This is not as straight forward as it looks.
Tip from the Pro
"Narrow looking green usually played into the wind. Use plenty club & maybe use the hills on the right to enlarge your target"
HOLE 8, PAR 4 /5  Click here for overview
Distance in yards:    Blue: 454    White: 409    Green: 400    Red:392
All long hitters will feel stimulated by this open fairway.  However, only the finest short game will allow the player to dominate the green.
Tip from the Pro
"A long par 4(par 5 for ladies) where length does matter for the chanve of a regulation. However, leaving the 2nd shot short of the green can still lead to a straight forward par"
HOLE 9, PAR 5 /5  Click here for overview 
Distance in yards:    Blue: 538    White: 517    Green: 511    Red: 492
A long corridor of hills requires a solid drive, a safe second shot, and smart tactic for the approach, will offer a birdie chance.
Tip from the Pro
"Hit your drive down the valley. Send your 2nd shot in play & will find the green with n o additional difficulties"
HOLE 10, PAR 5 /5  Click here for overview 
Distance in yards:    Blue: 478    White: 478    Green: 422    Red: 393

A temptingly short par 5 of 429 yards off the whites, where the second shot is played from an awkward lie towards an elevated narrow looking green. The little room for error will make players think twice.
Tip from the Pro
"A short & tempting par 5 that you will challenge after a drive on the fairway. There is a very prominent incline leading to the green so use plenty club to maximise your birdies chance"
HOLE 11, PAR 3 /3  Click here for overview
Distance in yards:    Blue: 147    White: 132    Green: 132    Red: 121

An elevated tee looking down an extremely narrow haricot shape green surrounded by water and bunkers: Probably the most frightening short iron shot ever experienced.
Tip from the Pro
"An interesting pitch hole hitting down to the haricot shape green. Take 10% of the suggested distance to select your club. This hole is easier than it looks"
HOLE 12, PAR 4 /4  Click here for overview 
Distance in yards:    Blue: 390    White: 367    Green: 360    Red: 326
This stern test, uphill, is deceivingly narrow off the tee. A good club selection is then essential to secure a par.
Tip from the Pro
"Narrow looking par 4 where finding the fairway off the tee is key if you do not want to face an awkward lie from the hills defining the hole"
HOLE 13, PAR 3 /3  Click here for overview   
Distance in yards:    Blue: 192    White: 188    Green: 182    Red: 130

An elevated green where putting your tee shot bellow the hole may offer a birdie chance.
Tip from the Pro
"A long par 3 with an elevated slop to the front of the front. Using this high side of the green is a safer line"
HOLE 14, PAR 4 /5  Click here for overview 
Distance in yards:    Blue: 471    White: 436    Green: 430    Red: 404
Only a good drive passing around the dog leg can deliver a full view to the green where an aggressive play will be rewarded.
Tip from the Pro
"A demanding dogleg left par 4(Par 5 for the ladies). A good drive will open the hole. The best line to the green is from the front left"
HOLE 15, PAR 4 /4  Click here for overview 
Distance in yards:    Blue: 262    White: 259    Green: 256    Red: 217
Darren Clarke’s so-called signature hole: a drivable risk-reward par 4 with a well protected green, sitting tantalisingly close to the water’s edge. “Take a chance?”
Tip from the Pro
"Most tempting Risk & Reward reachable par 4. A fade is ideal if you go for it. If you lay up, a mid iron & a wedge is safe route to a regulation"
HOLE 16, PAR 4 /4  Click here for overview  
Distance in yards:    Blue: 422    White: 417    Green: 408    Red: 285
A drive on the left hand side is ideal to find the fairway. The elegant surrounding of the green, just below the vestige of the castle, makes this hole unforgettable.
Tip from the Pro
"Use the left hand side of the fairwayof the tee. The second shot can enter the green from the front left to avoid any unexpected challenges"
HOLE 17, PAR 4 /4  Click here for overview
Distance in yards:    Blue: 439    White: 431    Green: 395    Red: 360
Probably the most intimidating hole on the golf course where the fairway is bordered with rocks on the left and out of bound. A very positive attitude is key so to keep the ball in play.
Tip from the Pro
"Play your Money Shot, keep the ball in play. A draw using the bunkeris best. The green can be missed short inline so to offer a possible par chance"
HOLE 18, PAR 4 /4  Click here for overview
Distance in yards:    Blue: 455    White: 435    Green: 412    Red: 344

One final drive which, if in line or right of the bunker, will turn the second shot blind. A par requires four solid consecutive shots. This is a great finishing hole that will spice up the end of any match.
Tip from the Pro
"One last good off the tee. The fairway is at its widest if short of the the fairway bunker. If it is too much carry to mak ethe green, the lay up short left of the green will open the hole for par"
"Golf is evolving, every day, every shot"
                                                     Tiger Woods