Sligo Fishing District

Castle Dargan is located in the heart of the North West’s fishing grounds providing numerous angling opportunities for both fresh and coarse water anglers.

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Sligo Fishing Hotel

Sligo Fishing Area

L Doon: This Lake is owned by the North Western Regional Fisheries Board and has an excellent stock of wild free rising Brown Trout. Permits are available and there are two boats for hire on the lake. Restrictions such as fly only are in place. Booking can be made by contacting Mrs Martin on 071-9164989.

Colgagh Lake: This lake is situated off the Sligo to Drumahair road (R286) and holds stocks of good sized Brown Trout. There are boats on the lake and it may be possible to obtain the use of these privately owned boats. The lake is free fishing and can be fished from the shore. However some parts are very soft and care should be taken when fishing from the southern shoreline in particular.

L Gill: Holds excellent stocks of Pike, Perch, Bream and Roach. There are also good stocks of game fish i.e. Salmon and Trout present with Sea Trout in the Lake although in relatively small numbers. The fishing on this lake is free but it should be noted that the entire system is closed for Salmon fishing including catch and release for 2007. There are good stretches of shoreline to fish off while it may be possible to hire a boat on the lake. There are coarse fish to specimen size in the lake.

Glencar Lake/Drumcliffe River:
Glencar Lake and the Drumcliffe River offer the angler some excellent Salmon, Sea Trout and Brown Trout fishing. Although there are occasional Spring Salmon running the system the best fishing is later in the year with the Sea Trout and Salmon more prominent from mid June on. There are boats for hire on the lake and the Drumcliffe River has good access along the riverbank and again you should contact the board for updated angling information.

Ballisodare Salmon Fishery:
This is one of the top rod fisheries in the country and permits to fish are available from the club. Angling restrictions and the prohibition of certain bait types are in place and enquiries should be made when booking fishing on the system. The Fishery office can be contacted on 071-9130513

Unshin River:
This river holds a good stock of Brown Trout as well as Pike and Perch. Salmon run the river after passing through Ballisodare. Regulations regarding Salmon fishing are in place but there are no restrictions on fishing for Brown Trout, while bag limits on coarse fish are also in place. Again it is advisable to get further information before fishing the system.

Lough Dargan:
This is mainly a coarse fishery with limited stocks of Pike, Perch and Bream. Access is available and fishing is from the shoreline.

L Arrow:
N4. A predominantly Brown Trout fishery but with stocks of Pike and perch. There are byelaws in place regarding trolling on this lake and enquiries should be made prior to fishing. There are boats for hire from several outlets on the lake.

Lough Bo
This lake is managed by the N.W.R.F.B and stocked with Brown Trout. A permit is required to fish the lake and there is a boat for hire both of which can be bought locally. Bag limits apply are again information can be got when purchasing permit.

Ballymote Area
Templehouse Lake. Coarse fish including Pike, Perch and Bream. Access is restricted and although the lake has no permit fishing the land surrounding the lake is part of Templehouse Estate.

Cloonacleigha Lake.

Again holds stocks of coarse fish and the fishing is free however the shoreline is not really suitable for fishing.

Ballinacarrow & Ardrea Loughs:
These lakes close to the town of Ballymote have fishing stands on them and are well-stocked coarse fisheries.

Owenmore River:
This river flows from Templehouse Lake and merges with the Owenbeg and Unshin rivers to form the Ballisodare River. This river holds good stocks of Pike, Perch, Bream and Eel. There are numerous access points quite close to the various roads that run along or cross the system. Any local map will show access locations and further information is available form the N.W.R.F.B offices in Ballina.

Drumahair Area:
Belhavel Lake: R280. This lake is situated approx 3 miles from Killargue Village. The fishing on this lake is free and is mainly a coarse fishery

Corrigeencor Lake. Approx 5 miles from Drumahair on the Manorhamilton road. Fishing is free on this lake however the local angling club hold competitions on the lake at various times of the year and it may be useful to contact the club as they also have fishing on the Bonet river (Permit Payable).

Bonet River:
This river has stocks of Salmon, Trout, Pike, Perch etc but the fishing rights are owned by various stakeholders and it would be necessary to enquire locally. Again the local club can advise on ownership of the sections you may be interested in. Ther is a catch and release policy with Salmon and Sea Trout over 40cm up until May 11th, from then until the end of the season there is an allowable kill on the system. This is in place to protect the endangered Spring Salmon in the system.

Glenade Lake:
R280, Bundoran Road from Manorhamilton. This lake has boat access on the Manorhamilton side and fishing is free.

Note: For further information you can www.irishfisheries/